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7 ways to Style Cropped-Flared out Jeans

Melanie Oliva

Posted on June 07 2020

7 ways to Style Cropped-Flared out Jeans

Who says you can't wear jeans in the summer? Now more than ever, you can mix up your looks. Whether you're into the silky camis, graphic tees, or long sleeve shirts--adding your favorite cropped, flared jeans makes it fun to experiment with length. Our latest trendy jeans hang right above your ankle, the high waist line feels just right, and they hug just right around your legs and curves. Kassie, Sarah, and I styled our favorite pieces, comment which look was your favorite. 


Simple yet Sleek 

Sarah's style for this look is more of an everyday look. Whether you are running some errands, shopping with your friends, or hanging out at your local coffee shop, Sarah's style combines simple, but sleek feminine looks. "I am 5’5 so the bottoms hit me on my lower shin. I love pairing the jeans with my espadrilles or a slight heel because it not only adds height but also wraps the look up even more," said Sarah. 

All about pink, Sarah grabbed our 'Sleek Jersey' pocket tee and our mustard 'Espadrille platforms'. 

Who says you can't be comfy and cute? "Especially for the spring and summer months, I love adding a pop of color outfit. Therefore, I picked out a summery color to pair with these jeans!" said Sarah. We love the range these jeans have and you can pretty much wear them out. "I love how versatile this combination is. Whether I am running to the store for groceries or grabbing lunch with the girls, this outfit would never make me not feel stylish," said Sarah. 


Sarah's  sizes: Blouse : small ; Jeans: 26. 

Rockin' leather, Sarah threw on our 'Black Vegan Leather' jacket and our off white 'Scallop Wrap' tank. 

Adding an edgy piece to a feminine look, adds a little "oomph" to your entire look. "I added the leather jacket to this look because I felt that it made the scalloped top pop as well as pulled the whole outfit together," said Sarah. Take this look from day to night. Whether you remove the jacket for brunch or wear it out for drinks. "I would wear this outfit on date night or a night out on the town," said Sarah. 

Sarah's sizes: Leather jacket: small; top: small; Shoes: 7.5

Casual--yet Effortless, Sarah is wearing our 'Jessamine' top. This fun top is the perfect combination of comfortable and casual. 

The fun thing about this top is you can wear it backwards, like Sarah did. The front is a v-neck cut with three silver buttons. Talk about wearing it twice in a week. "I love how this white top can be worn in so many different ways. Preferably, I wear this top off the shoulder but I also think it would be so cute if I wore it backwards to show off the detailed back and v-neck look," said Sarah. Since this is a flowy top, Sarah sized up to make it look more casual. "I would wear this outfit as an everyday look," said Sarah. 

Sarah's sizes:  Top: medium ; Shoes: 7.5 

Long, Layered Patterns

Long sleeve tops have been the staple piece in every woman's closet. Whether its a plaid long sleeve or a flared long sleeve blouse--we all have one in our closet. I decided to grab two patterned tops and nude heels for a business casual look. 

Pretty in Plaid, I (Melanie)  am all about staying comfortable, our 'Coral Plaid' button down top adds a flirty feel. I paired this outfit with our 'Suede Cylinder' blocked heels.

The great thing about plaid is that it's always in. Whether during the autumn months or spring/summer time. "I decided to grab our button down top because this is a great outfit to transition into. The soft material keeps me warm, yet the coral hues contrast well with my dark denim." Even if you are still working from home, this outfit is perfect to make you feel put together. "I would wear this to a coffee date with my best friend or to a birthday dinner." 

Melanie's sizes: Top: Large; Jeans: 29 ; Shoes: 8

 All about Abstracts, I (Melanie) am wearing our 'Orange Abstract' print blouse. If you keep up with the hottest colors each changing season, Saffron is totally 'the' summer vibe. 

Adding bright colors is always a fun idea in the summer, but adding patterns is what I believe makes a simple outfit--turn sophisticated. "I think shades of reds, oranges, and yellows, fit best with my complexion. I love wearing colors that make me appear more tan, then what I already am." said by me. When wearing denim, a statement top can be the best combination. "This outfit is perfect for a ladies night out or a shopping spree with mom," said by me. 

Melanie's sizes: Blouse: Medium ; Jeans: 29 ; Shoes: 8 

Flirty in Florals 

Either you have always loved the floral trend or you hate it, they are simply the trend that won't end. Whether daisies or wildflowers, I cannot get enough of the minimalistic dainty floral prints. These prints are all the rage this summer season. 

Boho Babe, Kassie styled our jeans with our white 'Floral Kimono', 'Coco Tank', and our mustard 'Espadrille Platforms'.

Pairing light pieces alongside some darker tones, really brings an outfit together. " I love throwing the kimono on  to add the light and airy feeling against the mustard colored tank. I am also not one to wear crop tops, but adding the kimono made me comfortable wearing the cropped Coco Tank. My favorite part is that this is a casual look but I still feel fashionable," said Kassie. Taking this look from flirty to boho, it is perfect to keep cool during these hot summer months. Kassie and I are both in the 5'7-5'8 height range, so if you are wondering how we pulled this off--it's all about the shoes. "If you’re going to do the crop flare style, I recommend pairing with a heel or wedge to balance out the cropped look," said Kassie. 

Kassie's sizes: Kimono : one size fits all ; Tank: small ; Espadrilles : 8.5 

Body suits galore, Kassie paired our 'Lilac Floral' body suit and 'The Megan' suede wedge heels. 

Pastel colors aren't just for spring months, don't be shy and take your pastels and florals into summer. " I love the flirty/feminine look and feel of the bodysuit. The bodysuit was very comfortable and it is surprisingly one of my favorite features in tops lately - so easy to wear and always tucked in," said Kassie. Body suits can be surprisingly comfortable to style and we just can't get enough of them. "Love the bodysuit feature - always tucked in! I probably prefer a higher waist jean than these when wearing a bodysuit, but the pairing still worked great," said Kassie. 


Now that you are thinking of ways to best style cropped-flared jeans, don't be afraid to use our style guide! 



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