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7 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Summer Dress

Melanie Oliva

Posted on August 16 2020

7 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Summer Dress

The great thing about fashion comes from the endless style hacks that are at our fingertips. Growing up, I remember my mother and grandmother learning these style hacks about dresses, ripped tights, or making your heels not slide off on grass. Nowadays, they are constantly being posted on PopSugar, Cosmopolitan, or Instagram. The biggest error I see women do, including myself, happens to be when we want to mimic or create an outfit--but feel the NEED to buy everything. In reality, there is a high chance you already have those items in your closet, but you aren't maximizing your wardrobe. That is where I come in, today I want to help women who are all about summer dresses. Whether your style is skin tight, babydoll, maxi, or midi dresses--there is a way to transition your favorite piece into fall. Rather than buying an excessive amount of fall clothing to fit trends, let me help you save money and look stunning. Sarah and I decided to show you our favorite dresses from our boutique, by adding layering and accessories.  

Bohemian Babe Styled Dress

If you keep up with all my blogs, you should know by now that my style is a mixture of the classic 70's, vintage minimalism, and bohemian. I am pretty sure I wore more bohemian inspired tops, dresses, and rompers this summer than shorts. I wanted to use our famous 'White Tiered' dress (which unfortunately is sold out in store and online now) that was my favorite summer arrival, to style it with three different layers. 

Dressing in Denim 

No one can really go wrong with a jean jacket, its the staple piece to keep in your wardrobe. It could be a dark wash, light wash, embroidered, or bedazzled jacket--it will work. I like to wear dark wash denim jackets in the colder months and light wash in the warmer months, just a preference of mine. The way I styled this outfit was by adding a denim jacket, sandals, and some minimal jewelry. You could add leopard print sneakers, matching earrings, and some sunnies as well. 


Knitted Cardigans

Adding a pop of color, texture, and comfort sounds like the ideal outfit for me. I hope you agree. I decided to stick with our grey knitted cardigan, simply because I am really into neutrals right now, and will continue to carry this color throughout the season. You could also go for an orange, yellow, red, or fuchsia colored cardigan to add that pop of color to your outfit. Sometimes I get a bit unmotivated in the cold months, simply because the sky is always grey or the cold gets to me. Which turns into me throwing leggings, a hoodie, and sneakers--with no color scheme or anything. Personally, I like to have my outfits ready to go a couple days ahead (sometimes months ahead--if it is for a special occasion) just to feel inspired. 


Sweet, sweet, sweaters

I know you are probably thinking, "Uhm..Melanie we are in August, are you out of your mind?" Honestly, the idea of wearing sweaters again kind of excites me. I used to hate fall, fall fashion, the whole concept of the sun setting earlier, and it really impacted my wardrobe. I decided to change this perspective by buying comfortable and stylish sweaters. I went to local boutiques, a few department stores, and Pinterest to get my inspiration. Quickly, I incorporated my favorite sweaters to my outfits, better yet, to my favorite summer dresses. Adding a light sweater to an A-line or T-shirt dress can do so much to your look. 


Flirty in Florals Styled Wrapped Dress 

If the florals are your thing, well we are here for fall florals! I personally think florals are so feminine and dainty, whether its embroidered onto your jeans, a tank, or a fun maxi dress--they can be so fun to wear. Sarah chose our 'Coral Floral Maxi' to give you an idea how to wear these long dresses this upcoming season. My biggest tip for florals in the fall, aim for reds, pinks, burgundy, or greens in the prints. These are going to be the easiest to style with neutrals, darker colors, or light whites. 

Soft Suedes 

There are so many different pieces that are must haves for all women. For some it has to be plaid, scarves, and boots. For others denim jackets, floppy hats, and cardigans. Something I have started wearing these last two years have been the suede jackets, accessories, or booties. I think they add a whole different vibe to your look. Sarah styled the floral dress with our 'Taupe Suede' jacket. This look can be worn in the daytime, to a lunch date or drinks with friends. I love the minimal feel of it and it contrast perfectly with the pattern.


Last Night's Leather Jacket 

 If you aren't a fan of suede, take out your favorite leather jacket, and add a bit of edge to this floral dress. Go from day to night with this dress, simply by adding a jacket and black open toed heels. This is a perfect transitional dress because it is long and keeps you warm enough during those pre-fall weather days. I would recommend wearing gold jewelry, a hot pink or coral clutch, and matching lipstick for a date night look. Have fun, switch it up, and do not be afraid of breaking the "fashion rules" once in awhile. 

White Denim 

 The easiest and versatile look can be achieved by adding this bright white denim jacket. It brings out the floral patterns, keeps your look clean, and it can be so easy to take from day to night. I love this look because it can also be transitioned into the spring season. I would add pink, corals, and green jewelry with this outfit. Add some neutral booties and a fun crossbody, and you have a gorgeous outfit to wear out with your girlfriends. 


Dark Denim 

 For my dark denim lovers, I did not leave you guys out! The fun thing about denim, it is never out of style, can be worn with almost anything and everything. Sarah styled this dress with our mustard espadrilles, but you can add some grey booties for the colder months. I would add a delicate choker and some fun gold droop earrings.  


Although August is coming to an end, you can still find ways to mix and match your favorite summer dress. Whether that may be a black mini or long orange maxi dress, there isn't a wrong way to transition your looks. Plus, it saves you some money and you are maximizing your wardrobe the max. 

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