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9 products Kassie cannot live without!

Melanie Oliva

Posted on June 28 2020

9 products Kassie cannot live without!

1. Corkcicles

When you're a busy boss babe, having a tumbler, mug, or canteen can save you so much time. They range from 12 oz. to 24 oz, keep your beverage cold for a total of nine hours and hot for three hours. Whether you love keeping your coffee hot or your lemonade cold, having a cute Corkcicle is a must. We carry a variety of colors like, unicorn pink, floral white, neon green/yellow., purple/teal, red/pink, and white. Kassie's favorite is the floral print, pictured below. "Who doesn’t love a pretty glass? I love this one even more because it keeps my drink cold or hot! Perfect companion for the pool or just a regular day. I have a toddler running around so I can never quite finish a drink, so I love that this will keep it to temperature until I can get back to it," said Kassie.

2. Messner Bee Farm chapsticks

Who doesn't like to keep their lips feeling soft, moisturized, and with a delicious flavor? Messner Bee Farm carries the best flavored chapsticks and lip balms. Did you know? Messner makes each and every lip balm and chapstick with natural beeswax and raw honey? The best part--it's from their own hives! Kassies favorite is the 'Lavender Lemonade' flavor, which sounds so refreshing! "This is my favorite flavor, but I truly love any and all Messner Bee Farm lip balms! They make my lips feel so soft and I love that the ingredients are all natural. Can’t go wrong with any of them," said Kassie. 

3. Lavender Eye Pillows

Sometimes all we need is a hot bath, wine, and a lavender pillow to wind down. Our eye pillows come in two sizes and they have the cutest prints. "I love these because not only are they pretty, but they are practical! My mom sews each one and fills with dried lavender and flax seed. I place one on my forehead, whether I have a headache to soothe or need a little stress relief to wind down at night," said Kassie.


4. Wild Whims Studio

We all need and want good energy, radiating through our quartz gemstone necklaces, earrings, and rings. Wild Whims provide a minimalist look, with quartz, and good energy. The best part? They come in a variety of colors from clear, pink, or lavender. "Gemstones and crystals are just one more thing that I am obsessed with. I love the meaning and energy behind them, and I believe in the power that they hold. It’s no surprise that I would love Wild Whims Studio’s jewelry then! I love that she hand selects each stone and they are so beautiful," said Kassie. 

5. You’ve Got This Diffuser Bracelet

We all need a little motivation throughout our work or school day, and what better way with our diffuser bracelets. These beautiful beaded bracelets have a small meaningful message and if you add a few drops of essential oils, the scent lasts up to four days! Talk about carrying good energy! "I love the positive message and the actual bracelet itself. Essential oils are my jam, and I use them as perfume most days. The wood beads on the bracelet help keep the aromatherapy going all day," said Kassie.

6. Rose Sandalwood Apothecary Jar

Who says there's a limit for the amount of candles you own? The limit does not exist. Nectar Republic's 'Rose Sandalwood' is Kassie's all time favorite, and I would have to agree. Here and there we will light a candle up to make our store smell delightful--and our customers agree. They are handcrafted, contain artisan fragrance with essential oils, and are midwest made! "If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with anything floral! This candle is the perfect rose scent and I LOVE the dried flowers on the top. I love burning this at home or giving this as a special gift," said Kassie.

7. Grocery Pad Notepad 

 Especially now during this pandemic, things can get out of hand, we forget to do some important tasks, and sometimes a simple notepad keeps us on track! Our notepads from Carina Paper Co. are the simplest, yet handy tool anyone needs. Its lightweight, fits into almost any purse, and Kassie is all about it! "I love making lists and this one is so pretty! I always handwrite my grocery lists so this one is a new favorite list of mine," said Kassie.

8. NikiBiki leggings

The best workout leggings, lounging around the house, or for that athletic look come from our NikiBiki line! These come in a variety of styles, colors, and we also carry tanks. I am personally in love with our  black leggings with a lavender tank to work out, do yoga, or go on a hike. They offer comfort, aren't seen through, and they are so stretchy! "I absolutely love any style and color that we carry of our NikiBiki leggings. They are one size fits all (we have regular and plus size). They are so affordable but feel so great and are the perfect thickness. I wear these lounging around the house or out and about running errands for an athleisure look. I also loved wearing these when I was pregnant - they still fit," said Kassie. 

9. Makeup Eraser

If you're all about being earth friendly, recycling, and reusing items--you're going to love our makeup eraser. What it is, a gentle cloth that with added water (or micellar water) you can remove your makeup. It's cruelty free, vegan/vegetarian friendly, and hypoallergenic. This is great for traveling, comes in the cutest colors, and it equals a total of 3,600 make up wipes! Talk about saving money. " I love that these take the day right off! So easy to use and I love using these instead of tons of cotton balls to take off my makeup. I also like that you can throw them in the wash and continue to reuse them," said Kassie.

en·sem·ble is much more than our tops, dresses, and shoes--we have a variety of everything. Whether you buy three Messner lip balms or five candles--we won't judge you! Comment below which product you would try out. 


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  • Maria Pacheco: June 28, 2020

    Omg how cute! I have to go in soon to get me a new corkcicle and candle!

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