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A mini guide to our best selling accesories

Melanie Oliva

Posted on June 06 2021

A mini guide to our best selling accesories


A summer must have our sunnies -- the best part they are all under $20 -- we have a variety of styles. Sunglasses are easily the accessory to add to any outfit, casual or dressy, they add a “oomph” to your look. My favorite styles currently are aviators and square shape styles. We carry black, silver, cheetah print and retro-circular shaped sunglasses. 


The amount of times we have restocked our wallets is incredible, we are in awe how popular they have become. Our wallets come in a variety of shapes, styles and purposes. We have some wallets simply for cards and coins, others for cash and cards and  some with all purposes. I like how small they are and how easy they are to carry by themselves, especially when there is a ladies night out, you don’t want to carry a big purse around. 


Baseball hats are versatile to wear to the gym, farmers market, going on a hike or just to help a bad hair day. Our hats are from Local T and we have our blue-yellow style or our camo style. These baseball hats are adjustable and you are repping Kansas City everywhere you go! My favorite way to style a baseball hat -- when its a rainy day -- a long sleeve thermal shirt, leggings and some sneakers. 

Water bottles 

Water bottles might not be worn, but they are such a must have to stay hydrated during the summer. We offer Corkcicle mugs, canteens, tumblers  and water bottles to keep your drinks cool and hot. The corkcicles keep your drinks cool for twenty-five hours and your hot drinks hot for twelve hours. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose a neutral color or our color blocked style. 

We have a variety of accessories for everyone who shops in store or online. We hope that this mini guide can help you choose your next go-to, when you are shopping with us! And the best part all of these items are under $40, so they make for great gifts. 

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