Back to School Essentials

Melanie Oliva

Posted on August 23 2020

Back to School Essentials

It isn't uncommon for students (nowadays) to get so excited to buy a new wardrobe, stationary items, or backpacks. I personally love buying pens, folders, planners, and shoes. I also think when you allow yourself to buy those pretty glittery pens or white sneakers, you are starting a school year with a great mindset. I wanted to share my five favorites for back to school. Everyone is different, so I am not saying you must buy these items--but it could be a little bit of inspiration during these times. 

Water bottle

I will call myself out on this one, I am that student that carries the huge floral bottle, around campus. I recently graduated from Longview Community College, although it was a small campus, I liked staying hydrated throughout my day. I remember my days would start at 8 am and I would be on campus until 9 pm. If I had not bought myself some fun and adorable water bottles, I would have continued to buy plastic bottles, and that is not helping save the earth. Here at Ensemble, we have a variety of Corkicles that keep your water cool or coffee hot for long periods of times. Another reason why I stress having a water bottle, if you become dehydrated, you start developing headaches ( I am not saying this is the only way to get headaches, because school gives me a headache too--haha.) but I often found myself getting headaches because of the lack of water. 


Now that you are hydrated, another essential that is needed, especially since we are in the Midwest--chapstick. No one likes crusty, dry lips--and I definitely will recommend tons of brands for you guys. I personally love honey, vanilla, cherry, or strawberry scented chapsticks. I also like the ones that actually stay on all day--because I drink water and coffee throughout my day--I want to feel moisturized 24/7. Messner's chapsticks are on my top five most used, most affordable, and long wearing. I love the idea of having something natural, locally made, and a great scent. 


Having a place to be able to write freely about grades, friends, or just life itself is needed. Especially, during this weird time--I feel journaling is a form of therapy. I am aware not everyone likes journaling, but if you are just wanting to write a little each week or every two weeks, I would recommend it. Remember, that although physical beauty is wonderful to show off and whatnot--it is so important to take care of our mental health. Write three things you were happy about, what goals you have for yourself, or what you will look forward to next year. It all counts and there is no wrong answer on what to write about. 

Grocery List 

Whether you are a fitness queen or are trying to get into fitness this one is for you. I have a lot of friends and family, who have always recommended some sort of plan to meal prep and keep track of your portions or calories. I am no professional, but even writing down what groceries you need for the week can be so relieving. You are tackling staying within your budget and eating at home. Personally, it can be so difficult being a student with so much on your mind, so a grocery list notepad can save you time! Our grocery list we sell has everything sectioned out from fruits and veggies to meats and seafood. 


Make Up Bag 

I personally do not wear make up to school, unless I am presenting a project. It does not mean that I don't carry a small make up bag in my backpack. I usually like carrying an extra chapstick, deodorant, hair ties, pads/tampons, and dental floss. I like having these things both in my car and in my backpack for small emergencies. Especially if you like to get work done on campus, having some little pick me up's can make a world of a difference. If you do wear make up, carrying some mini blushes, mascara, lipsticks, or concealer can help. Try to switch out your mini make up supplies every three months, just to make sure you are not transferring germs onto your skin. 


I hope all of you young ladies have a safe, amazing, and productive school year. Remind yourself you are more than your grades, that you are smart regardless of how long you have been in school or your ranking. Stay safe and kick some butt this year! Wishing you all A's!! 

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