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College Babe Check

Melanie Oliva

Posted on September 06 2020

College Babe Check

It is September, the weather is slowly getting cooler, school is back up, and I am getting back into the groove of things. I have been at school for two weeks now. I have been learning my way around campus, keeping up with deadlines, and study time. Since we are in the beginning of the semester, what better way to get mentally, academically, and physically prepared for the school year. Let me share my college essentials to keep you feeling motivated and stylish. 

Let's start with some clothing...

When I think of "Back to School" I think of denim. Owning a good pair of jeans has to be a top priority. We carry Articles of Society jeans,  that are local favorites for all our regular guests. The reason we restock and order more of these jeans comes from the durability, stretch, and style they offer. I recently bought the 'Jasper Denim' pair because I was in need for light wash denim. 


Pictured above: Jasper Denim in size 29. $68.00

Realistically, I do not show up to class looking like an Instagram model or whatever. When you have an 8 am class, wearing simple clothing (and comfortable clothing) is a must. Start with owning basic shirts or blouses to make it easier to add bottoms. Short and long sleeve shirts can be beneficial for those days where it is cold in the morning, but hot in the afternoon. Choose light weight over heavy knitted shirts. Avoid linen tops during the hottest days, they tend to make you sweat more. With basic tops you can wear them under jackets, hoodies, cardigans, or vests. 


Pictured above left to right: Alabama Tee $44.00 and new arrival. 

 If you easily get cold or need to mix and match outfits, having outerwear in your closet can be a life saver. If you have kept up with our blogs, you already know owning a denim jacket is not brand new. I have seen a lot of cropped denim jackets, distressed, and patterned denim jackets around campus. Which indicates that I am not in the wrong on this one. I do think that you can venture out to wearing some sherpa, fleece, or knitted outerwear. It all depends on your preference and style. I usually transition from summer to fall with denim, knitted, and leather jackets. 


Pictured above left to right: Teddy coat and the 'Dark Wash' denim jacket : $78.00

Then, the small details that make the semester bearable...

If you do not own some sort of planner, bullet journal, organizational app, or a notepad. I am seriously concerned and please comment what you do to stay organized. Owning a planner to stay on top of homework, financial aid, or appointments can make anyone's life easier. I personally love shopping for my planner first to feel a little bit more organized.

Freshen up on the go with a rollerball perfume. Smelling good just makes any woman feel ten times better when you are out and about. I usually like to freshen up between classes or lunch breaks. Carrying a small rollerball perfume in your backpack or purse can come in handy. I love all our Rouge and Rye perfumes, but my favorite has to be the 'Matilda' scent. It is so light, yet smells just like lavender rosemary and citrus. 

Stay hydrated and caffeinated by always carrying a water bottle or a coffee mug. About 95% of the students I have seen on campus or just passed by, I will often see them with a bottle of their choice. It is so important to stay hydrated when walking across campus or just staying awake during your earlier classes. I like to carry my corkcicle around because it isn't heavy, nor does it spill my drink. If you are not a big coffee drinker, don't fret because corkcicles can keep your orange juice, tea, or smoothies chilled all day. 


Every college student is different. Everyone has their absolute die hard items to carry in their backpacks and others can simply survive with their laptop, pencil, and phone. If you find yourself being a third year or second year college student, maybe you want to add some essentials to your list. I always recommend changing up what you carry and use, to stay on top of your goals every year. Do not hesitate in adding a few of these items to your cart or coming in store to try them out. 


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