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Soakin' up All the Latest Summer Colors

Melanie Oliva

Posted on May 31 2020

Soakin' up All the Latest Summer Colors

While we are all slowly going out more, getting to do some shopping, and eating out--the fashionistas of the world are thinking of what outfits to pair and wear. Some of us are still in our sweats and messy buns, but a little pop of color, can really inspire us and get our minds off of things.


While the vibrant and neon colors get the most promotion in the summer, we cannot forget about refinement of muted colors. Storm green is a mix of blue and green .  An electric--yet cultivating shade can compliment our --soon to be--tanned skin. We grabbed our long sleeve 'Floral Keyhole' blouse, to feature in this shade of green. This blouse is perfect for a business casual look , with a floral design for a more feminine look. We would recommend to pair it with white jeans and your favorite nude heels. 



Shades of Saffron are all the rage this season. This color is my absolute favorite right now, ranging from light to deep oranges, it is the color you want. Saffron is the perfect balance of orange and yellow. Orange brings out a bold touch to any outfit, whether its saffron heels with your LBD or an orange silk cami with denim shorts. To replicate that bold, vibrant orange we snagged our 'Orange Classic Jumpsuit'. This jumpsuit brings the perfect amount of spice and elegance to your look. The polyester material is great to keep you cool and the bow just evens out the entire look. Grab some gold jewelry, add height with some black or brown open toed heels, and we guarantee a luxurious look. 


The blissful blues are the easiest colors to feel comfy and chic this season. My favorite thing about the color is blue it replicates the ease denim does, we all have that one pair of denim jeans we can rely on every single time. Shades of cool like: faded denim, periwinkle hues, and the classic navy blue, can be paired with pops of bright colors or neutrals. Our 'Periwinkle Button Down' blouse was my favorite to wear, transitioning from spring pastels to summer brights. It is 100% polyester material, easy to wear, and perfect for a business casual look. Throw on a nude cardigan, white jeans, and your favorite sneakers for a casual chic look. 


Back to the basics with the dainty rose tones, you already have this color in your closet, which is the perfect shade for a day and night outfit. Whether you have a silk rose skirt or a fuchsia blazer--this color is a must to wear out. We stayed casual and recommend our 'Canyon Rose' collar blouse to add a feminine feel to your outfit. This blouse is  light weight, perfectly paired with denim jeans or shorts, and we suggests pairing a white denim jacket to really let that rose shine through. 


Let's reflect the sun with a flushed, vivacious accent yellow. It can be such a delicious and fresh color, the sublime color for summer. Adding a pop of yellow to your look, delivers a whimsical feel like laying out on the beach. We embraced the trend by picking out our 'Floral tank'. Easy to wear, we would style it with some white shorts, dark washed jeans, or a brown pleated skirt. 

Whether your favorite were the blissful blues or the rose tones, you can have fun and be creative with your summer outfits. A mix of sophistication and versatility is all in this season! 


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