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Bug Spray

Bug Spray


This insect deterrent is carefully formulated with botanical active ingredients to provide protection from mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers. You might be wondering how this repellent is unique? Here is the skinny. First off, each essential oil used in this formula is sourced geographically from plant material which holds the highest repelling constituent(s). This ensures each drop of essential oil used brings the most protection possible. Secondly, this formula is designed to fix these essential oils to the skin allowing maximum protection time.

Our research brings you and your family the most effective, safest, botanically based repelling spray. As always, we use ONLY the highest quality carriers and botanicals including skin-loving aloe vera juice and witch hazel as carriers. And, it smells great, plus feels great on your skin! This repellent is skin safe, applies smooth, and is safe for clothes.

To use:

  • Spray on exposed body parts and clothes, excluding face. Spray on hands first, then rub on face.

  • Always test on a small area of skin before using all over your body.

  • This formula uses dilution rates safe for children 2+ and pregnancy beyond the 1st trimester. (To protect littles from insects, use mosquito netting overtop a carrier with an elastic edge for a tight fit).