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Natural Neo Salve

Natural Neo Salve


This skin nourishing salve is truly mother nature’s Neosporin; a must-have for every mindful mama’s purse and diaper bag! Three of natures most skin healing herbs (calendula flowers, comfrey leaf & root, yarrow leaf and flower) are slow, cold infused in first press olive oil for six weeks to ensure all the antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and rapid cell-regenerating properties from the herbs are not damaged by heat.

One 2 oz. tin lasts the typical family six months! From the routine skinned knee to the annoying rash, this salve is a go-to in our home. Use this salve to help with a wide variety skin issues. Seriously, just check out how incredibly versatile this topical salve really is…


  • Surface abrasions (cuts, scrapes)

  • Skin rashes (compatible with all diapers, including cloth)

  • Mild burns

  • External hemorrhoids

  • Dry, red, irritated skin (think runny noses!)

  • Cold sores

  • Insect bites

Keep this salve handy in your purse or first aid kit as a go-to for your families daily skin nourishing needs!