Festive enough for the 4th... but also cute enough to wear all summer long

Festive enough for the 4th... but also cute enough to wear all summer long

Good news: your 4th of July outfit doesn't have to be cheesy and only good for one day out of the year! It is indeed possible to have a festive, cute, and re-wearable outfit for Independence Day! Instead of wearing red, white, blue, stars, and stripes, choosing one of those themes and pairing it with more subtle pieces and patterns can create a cute and elevated outfit for your parties. 

These outfits each focus on one patriotic color, which makes it especially easy to rewear this outfits throughout the summer!

pst.. by using blue jeans in your look you can subtly include another color of the flag! 

These outfits are festive enough for the 4th and cute for all summer long!


Wanting something just a little more forward? Grab something with stripes or use accessories to add a little spice to your fit!

The first option included all three colors and stripes, but would be worn any other day of the summer. The second two used accessories to pull in the third color, red. 


Of course there is nothing wrong with a good ole graphic tee. When styled right, they can make for the cutest party outfit!

These tees are festive and subtle, you won't get looks for wearing them May 17th or August 3rd 😅


If you are looking for something more obvious, this graphic tee and your favorite  shorts will keep you cute and comfy all throughout the party 🎇



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