Best Dressed Guest: What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Best Dressed Guest: What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Raise your hand if you have a wedding to go to this summer 🙋‍♀️

One of the best parts about being a wedding guest is an excuse to get dressed up! Attending weddings is a lot fun fun, but it definitely comes with its fair share of questions... what is okay to wear? What shouldn't I wear? What does that dress code mean? Don't worry, this post will cover all of that:)


Mini dresses are a great option for a flirty and fun feel. While being cute and comfortable, the right mini dress is the perfect balance between formal... but not tooooo formal.

 Midi dresses are sort of a "one size fits all" approach to weddings. Backyard wedding? Beach wedding? Modern Barn wedding? Rooftop wedding? A midi dress would be perfect for each of those locations. (Or... try a jumpsuit!)

 Pull out your floor length dresses for those more formal dress codes. Formal weddings give you a chance to get all dolled up, take advantage of it! Think of it like prom... but without the awkward pictures and the fruit punch. 🙃

 Accessories are a must!! Pull out all the accessories you don't wear day to day. Grab your bolder earrings, that sparkly hand bag, or that chunky bracelet! 



Now that you know the general guide lines, allow us to put together some outfit ideas for you! 


Dress codes are a blessing, not a curse! When you are given a dress code, the bride and groom are being courteous enough to help you dress for the occasion! No one wants to be under or over dressed, so take advantage of these guidelines and follow them. That being said, sometimes they can be hard to de-code. Here are some helpful tips!

Black Tie- A black tie wedding is the most formal on the wedding spectrum. The only rule that comes with this dress code is only floor length dresses allowed! Go for a fun color or print, or play is subtle with a more muted color, but whatever you do, make sure if goes to your ankles:)

Cocktail- If black tie is a 10 on the scale of formality, cocktail is a 9. Go for a nice mini or midi dress. The main idea here is that you keep it fancy. Pair a classy midi dress with heels and a clutch, maybe even through in a shawl for added class ✨

Semi-Formal- Another way to say this would be "dressy-casual". Supper clear, right? 😂 A semi-formal wedding gives you the option to choose anything from a mini dress to a jumpsuit. You could grab your heels or your flats. There is a lot of flexibility here! If you would wear the outfit to a nice restaurant, then you will be good to wear it to the wedding.  

Casual- This dress code is almost more confusing than a black tie dress code! The general rule of thumb is: if you would wear it to brunch with the gals, wear it to the wedding! Grab a sun dress, or a pretty blouse and midi skirt! 


- Do not, under any circumstances, wear white! 

- Social media etiquette is key! Leave your phone in your purse during the ceremony, no one wants iPhones in their wedding day pictures

- Pack a hair clip just in case! Hair clips are a quick, easy, and cute way to get your hair out of the way of your dance moves

We hope this article was helpful, have the best time partying the night away! 

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- the Team at Ensemble 





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